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John explains how he overcame his anxiety using cognitive hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

It worked! I seen results. I lost quite a lot of weight, roughly about 7 stone and lost it quite quickly in about 6 months. It’s changed my life, I’m like a completely different person.

Weight loss & motivation *

Emma explains how she overcame her fear of escalators using cognitive hypnotherapy.

Fear of escalators

I went to see Heather after looking for alternative therapies to help me cope with severe anxieties. I worried about everything, didn’t sleep, wasn’t eating right, the list goes on. This built up from severe panic attacks after moving jobs. I’d been to the doctors and been prescribed medication. But I needed to change my mindset. My anxieties were severe, it was causing me relationship problems and I didn’t want to see any friends. I had no confidence and was off work. Life was awful and I tried to take an overdose. Life wasn’t good for me, but it was all in my head, people kept telling me I would be OK, but I needed help.
I was very apprehensive before I started the sessions, didn’t know much about how it works or if it would work. But I had seen some of Heather’s clients comments on her website and they looked so positive I decided to try it. The sessions were very relaxed in a very calming environment. I felt at ease and Heather is really easy to get on with. She is kind and has a very calming positive outlook for you. You don’t feel rushed. She adapts her style to how you are doing or feeling and is a good listener I found it a massive help in my recovery and still listen to the recordings Heather done for me. I don’t understand why hypnotherapy isn’t available on the NHS. It made me in control again and helped me see positives in my life that I knew where there, I just couldn’t feel that in my mind. I would recommend Heather to anyone.

Anxieties *

On and off for 8 years I was waking in the night with panic attacks, thinking I had lost a ring and searching frantically in the bed for a ring, that I didn’t own. I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with Heather and since then there are no more recurring nightmares and panic attacks. I’m sleeping really well now and dreaming new pleasant dreams.

Nightmares and panic attacks *

Fay explains how she overcame a fear of heights using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Fear of heights

1 year to the day Heather. Non smoker now. Thank you so much.

Quit smoking *

Neil was feeling a bit stuck in life. He explains in this video how Cognitive Hypnotherapy has helped him get back on track.

Getting unstuck

I went to see Heather to help with losing weight and finding the willpower to do so. I’ve never felt like I could lose the weight and my health was starting to become affected. I was a little nervous about trying something new but was coming to the end of all other options. On our first session straight away I found Heather very professional, I felt comfortable and relaxed. I started to notice small changes at first but as time went on my partner noticed more than I did. I’ve started to feel so much better and the weight is coming off. My family life is getting better and I’ve put a lot of issues to bed now and become comfortable in my own skin. Even if the weight didn’t come off, I’m happy with who I am now. I can’t thank Heather enough for her help, patience and kindness. I would definitely recommend Heather to anyone wanting to try this and walk away feeling great!

Weight loss *

Nicolle has always suffered from night terrors for as long as she can remember. Here she is talking about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy helped her overcome her parasomnia.


My fear of balloons has improved so much since my first hypnotherapy session with Heather. I felt physically sick at the thought of touching a balloon, I can now handle, blow up, tie and even have a balloon popped in my hand. My former fear of balloons no longer affects me. It has changed my life radically!

Fear of balloons *

Client testimonial from Amy, explaining how she used Cognitive Hypnotherapy to overcome her fear of escalators.

Fear of escalators

I came to see Heather to help me improve my self-confidence, motivation and ability to manage my day-to-day life. My motivation, organisational skills and self-confidence were at a very low level and I was starting to struggle with basic day-to-day tasks. I admit that I was cynical about hypnotherapy before speaking to Heather, however her professionalism and gentle persuasion convinced me that I might benefit from hypnotherapy. By speaking to Heather I learned more about hypnotherapy and felt that I could benefit.
I really enjoyed the sessions; Heather helped me to relax and explained the treatment very clearly. After the sessions I felt immediate improvements, my motivation instantly improved and my ability to organise slowly increased. My self-confidence improved gradually over time. It certainly felt easy to open up and let go emotionally. I was very surprised to find such a quick improvement to my motivation, plus several inner, hidden feelings were revealed. My personalised hypnotherapy recording provided much help over several months. I have regained much of my old self and even found a new partner. The sessions were motivating, helpful and surprising! Heather not only helped me with the issues I had asked her to treat, but revealed deeper issues which were the underlying cause of my problems.

Self-confidence *

After 10 years of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I was skeptical that hypnotherapy would work. I had one session with Heather for treatment for confidence issues around public speaking, as it is a requirement occasionally in my job and it is something that I have struggled with in the past. About a week later I was asked to deliver a training course and without thinking too much about it, I did so with complete confidence and without any anxiety. I’m hoping to have more sessions with Heather to help me progress further. I’m delighted and impressed with what I have been able to achieve with Heather’s help.

Fear of public speaking *

Lynn James, owner of MrsMummyPenny explains how she had a 3 stone weight loss using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Weight Loss

For a number of years, I was suffering with anxiety. I attempted to address this issue by going on a course of cognitive behavioural therapy and seeing my GP. However, I did not benefit from this, and continued to think the way I did. My life was limited in numerous ways. I withdrew from life. I first spoke to Heather on the phone before deciding to have hypnotherapy sessions. Heather was always excellent, kind and professional, and I was thus at immediate ease with her. She identified a range of issues and we dealt with them in only six sessions. My confidence progressively grew and I found myself thinking much more positively, which has benefitted my life immeasurably. I would go so far as to say that I am now very mentally healthy. I find myself engaging with life in a way I never have done before. I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Heather to anyone. The sessions are engaging, informative, motivating and positive. She ensures you keep up with your progress through daily listening of the hypnotherapy recordings, which, along with the sessions, is the key to success.

Anxiety *

A smoker since 1983, after one session I just stopped. Been 6 weeks now. Many thanks Heather.

Stop Smoking *

The sessions have given me the support to enable me to keep motivated and more confident. Confident enough to be a part of life rather than being on the edge looking in. I would encourage anyone to take that step and to make the call or send an email.

Confidence & self-image *

I was unsure about hypnobirthing to start with as the recordings just seemed to help me sleep and it didn’t seem like I was taking anything in. Now I have gone through labour, I am so glad I did hypnobirthing. Without it I am convinced my labour would have been very different and much more painful. It’s not about being hypnotised to think that labour doesn’t hurt, it’s a mental state of mind knowing you can deal with the pain and that your body knows what it has to do. On the day I was not scared or worried as I knew that I could cope with what I was about to experience. My labour was at home as planned and very quick (5hrs 44mins). I didn’t have to have any gas and air or other pain relief.

Hypnobirthing – Confident Childbirth *

Heather has recently helped my 8 year old daughter with hypnotherapy to get over her sleeping problems. Heather also supplied a MP3 recording which my daughter listens to at bedtime.  We have all benefitted by the hypnotherapy, as we now all get a good night sleep as my daughter no longer wakes us up.

Children’s sleeping issues *