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Cognitive Hypnotherapy For Children And Teenagers in Hertfordshire

Hypnotherapy for children

A growing number of my clients in Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas of Herts, Beds and Bucks, have discovered that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used successfully to help children and teenagers cope with many of their issues.

Furthermore, my clients have found that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not only safe, but very effective. Children tend to be more inclined to respond to Cognitive Hypnotherapy because of their limited preconceived notions about hypnotherapy and their active imaginations.

Almost everyone has heard the cliché that most of the behaviours we have now can be easily traced to events that occurred in our childhood. Time and again, I have witnessed this during many of my sessions with adult clients.

Most of our negative self-talk, self sabotaging patterns, and limiting beliefs were triggered by an event, or a series of events that occurred when we were children. As kids, we pick up many negative habits, patterns and emotions that we carry into adulthood.

For Example:

  • Grandma innocently calls her grandchild chubby. This wasn’t meant to cause any harm, but it can set a belief of being fat in the child’s mind leading to a life battle with eating issues and yoyo dieting.
  • Parents persistently pushing a child to perform better or work harder, consequently this may lead to the child living a life where they are never happy or satisfied with their achievements. As a result then leads to anxiety and depression.

From the age 0 to 7, children’s minds are constantly in a kind of hypnotic state, as the part of their mind that’s filters words and thoughts has not developed, so, they believe everything they are told. This means whatever you tell a child they are, they believe. So if you tell a child that they are naughty, it becomes a part of their core belief system, shaping the rest of their lives.

As they start to grow up children, and especially teenagers, face a lot of challenges. They are learning about the world around them, coping with peer pressure, social media, dealing with their changing bodies, and trying to get into a good school. These pressures often take their toll in the form anger, depression, anxiety, lack of attention and focus.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for children in Hemel Hempstead helps children and teenager’s find positive resources within themselves to deal with things more confidently.

It is very important that children let go of all negative attitudes or thoughts affecting their lives that might hinder their development into happy adults.

Thankfully, children are some of the best candidates for hypnosis because they don’t have the years of resistance and conditioning that adults have. Children aged nine to twelve are very easily hypnotised and may respond after only two to three visits.

Hypnosis for children and teenagers can help your child deal with:

• Anxiety
• Bed wetting
• Bulling
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Exam stress.
• Fears & phobias
• Panic attacks
• Self doubt
• Sleeping issues

In conclusion, hypnotising children and teenagers allows them to let go of all these negative behaviours and beliefs, allowing them to live a full life.

Nearly every child can benefit from hypnotherapy.

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