Have you recently experienced feelings of rejection, and finding it hard to cope? Whether it’s social rejection, love rejection or professional rejection, you’ve come to the right place to find out how to overcome these sensitive hurtful feelings.

  • Do you find it hard to move on with your life after a rejection of any kind?
  • Maybe you are feeling lost and unloved?
  • Or someone’s dismissive behaviour or rejection made you feel shame, humiliation, inadequate or hurt?
  • Does it at times seems so unfair and hopeless?
  • Are you fed up with overthinking about the rejection?

Would you prefer to feel:

  • Accepted.
  • Loved.
  • Respected.
  • Able to move on quickly after rejection.

To help you to discover how to see rejection in a different way, I have created a valuable PDF guide where I share with you 11 powerful tips that could easily and quickly begin to make the change you have been looking for. Sign up in the box below and get your copy emailed to you today.

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How To Turns Feelings Of Rejection Into Powerful Self Acceptance

We have all, at some time or another, experienced feelings of rejection, whether it’s from friends, family, colleagues, partners or perhaps a prospective love interest. The feelings of rejection could make you feel inadequate, unwanted, unloved, hurt or distracted in its intensity.

Some find it easy to regain balance, draw on the love and acceptance they feel for themselves, and the love and respect surrounding them. They pick themselves up, dust themselves off and quietly move on. And for the most part, be reasonably unscathed.

Then there are those who are a bit more sensitive, more inclined to wear their heart on their sleeve. If this feels a bit like you, then you can end up taking things very personally, become a bit lost, confused and at risk of losing a sense of your own value and self-identity. This doesn’t feel like a great place to be and can create a long term debilitating mindset.

If you are ruminating around negative, self-deprecating thoughts, feelings of shame, failure, humiliation, anger, revenge, depression, and even physical pain, this could be a sign that what you are experiencing is the fight-flight response in full uncontrolled action. Your brain is telling you that you are in great danger of being socially excluded; which can also manifest in feelings of severe anxiety.

If you’re lucky, these painful feelings will start to disappear and eventually fade, and perhaps they will go completely. The only problem is, this can take such a long time, and what damage is it doing to you in the meantime?

What can happen if you can’t cope with rejection?

If not dealt with quickly, then what can happen is that you may begin to develop an ingrained habitual fear of being rejected. Or maybe continually having to look for reassurance from others, with seemingly uncontrolled, irrational bouts of jealousy and insecurity.

This doesn’t feel fair! This can stop you from having all that you want and living your life to the full.

If this fear of rejection is holding you back. If you’re feeling unable to apply for that perfect job, fear of getting back into the dating scene or engaging with a new social group. Then the fear of putting yourself out there can seriously limit the wonders that life has to offer you.

How Can Hypnotherapy Set You Free From The Feelings Of Rejection?

Hypnotherapy can help this irrational fear and hurt by working with the unconscious mind to discover where you originally learnt this behaviour. Finding the root cause of your belief, where and when it all started to be a thing for you.

Finding the unconscious source of it and getting beyond it can change your body’s feelings of hurt, allowing you to heal. Helping you to accept who you are and give you an inner sense of belonging.

When you acknowledge and accept your own self-worth you can feel self-assured, you have value, realising you always have been more than enough and confident in enjoying being you. No one can take that away from you, it’s yours, you own it, and no one will be able to reject you as a person ever again. Other people’s opinions will no longer matter to you as much.

There Are 11 Easy To Apply Tips That Can Help Get Beyond Feelings Of Rejection.

I have written 11 valuable tips to help you get beyond any feelings of rejection that you may be experiencing. You can download this free PDF by entering your details in the box below.

In this PDF Guide, you will discover how you can:

  • See rejection in a different more positive way.
  • Find out how rejection can be good for you.
  • Focus on your valuable attributes.
  • Learn what you can do differently next time.
  • Place less importance on what others think.
  • Be more resilient, confident and assertive.
  • Change your self-perception and feel more secure in yourself.

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