Hypnotherapy can be used to solve many everyday problems that we each have to deal with.  Below you will find some of the issues that I can help you overcome with hypnosis.

How can I help you?  

If your particular concern isn’t listed here, please give me a call.  

The great thing about Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that it is totally tailored to you and your individual needs.   There are many tools available in the Cognitive Hypnotherapy toolbag that I can use to help you move forward towards your goals, whatever they may be.  To watch a video explaining more please click here.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Unhelpful Habits & Addictions

Unhelpful habits and addictions are patterns of behaviour that a person has learnt and can find difficult to break.

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Hypnosis For Fear, Depression, Phobias & Anxiety

Most people suffer from some sort of fear or anxiety in their lives. However if these fears or anxieties become extreme they can become a problem.

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Performance Anxiety & Self Confidence Hypnosis Services

The power of your thoughts can have a positive effect on the way you perform in certain situations.

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Children’s Hypnotherapy For Anxiety & Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy can treat a variety of life issues, some of which you may not have even thought of.

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