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Are you thinking of having online hypnotherapy for anxiety? Maybe you’ve been feeling anxious about using online technology, questioning how does it work? Or what do you need to make it work?

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Effective Online Hypnotherapy

Perhaps it’s just you’re worried about how effective hypnotherapy is online, and what are the risks that it might not work for you?

Then it’s ok; you’re not alone. Out of the thousands of people who have used online hypnotherapy for anxiety, and have gone on to great successes, following amazing results; in some form or another. Almost all of them could have missed out on these opportunities for those very same reasons!

I know, I’ve heard it all before. Which led me to perfect using online hypnotherapy. Uniquely tailored for your needs, that I have now been successfully using to create positive changes for all of my distance clients for many years. I have many clients who live too far away from me or who live overseas.

And now with this recent pandemic, I’ve been able to continue helping all of my clients, through my online experience and expertise.

Tips for Hypnotherapy Online

Sarah, a client I had previously been seeing face-to-face, told me that she found the online sessions just as effective. She has felt very comfortable doing it from home and found that it saved her time and was more convenient as no travel was involved. We use Zoom for our sessions, and she commented on how reliable it is and how surprisingly easy it was for her to master.

Preparation Before Our Session

There are, of course, some important considerations that I ask my clients to be aware of when we work together to help ensure these fantastic results. A little bit of preparation is needed ahead of your online hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment, such as setting up your device beforehand.

If you’re thinking about doing therapy, coaching or hypnotherapy online and would like to know how to ensure it can work well for you, then have a read of my 10 top tips to help you enjoy the benefits of virtual hypnotherapy sessions. You can grab your copy by signing up in the sign-up box under the video above.

One of my clients, maybe a bit like you, had never used any kind of video app before. But by easily following the instructions in my confirmation email, he actually found it more accessible than he would have ever previously thought it would be.

Relaxing hypnotherapy online

If you choose to work with me using online hypnotherapy for anxiety, by simply clicking the Zoom meeting link in the email that I send you, you will enter a virtual waiting room. When our session is ready to commence, I will give you access to enter the virtual therapy room to start the session. It’s just like a real live face-to-face session, except it’s in the comfort of your own home.

You tap on the video and sound icons to turn them on, and we are ready to go. Like in face-to-face sessions, I will be sitting in my therapy room on my own and won’t be expecting any interruptions, with privacy and confidentiality maintained at all times.

I have used Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Zoom over the years with my clients. With Zoom being my preference. It’s free to use, and in my experience, it seems to be the most stable and so easy to use, with Zoom making some security updates in the last few months to make the platform even more safe and secure.

Top 10 Best Practice Tips for Online Hypnotherapy

To help you get the best out of our online hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions, as soon as you book with me, you will receive a free online hypnotherapy checklist, that I call my ‘Top 10 Best Practice Tips”. This is a helpful guide to help ensure you set yourself up in the best possible way before the session starts, so we can really get the most out of it.

Hypnotherapy online

Alternatively, even if you’re planning to see someone else for this transformational work or would simply prefer to discover my top tips now, you can access them for free as a downloadable PDF. Just pop your details into the sign-up box at the bottom of this page to grab your copy.

As a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH), I follow their code of ethics which you can read here: Working remotely: Practising Hypnotherapy Online

Online hypnotherapy is hugely beneficial for people who live at a distance, maybe living in rural areas, or a different country and can’t travel to see me. It’s also ideal for people with anxiety, or those who are suffering from agoraphobia and can’t leave their house; or even people who experience extreme forms of social anxiety.

Hypnotherapy Review

Here is another quick testimonial to help you decide that you to can do it, especially if you choose to take advantage of my experience, expertise and online hypnotherapy, which will be specifically tailored for you.

This review came from one of my many clients who I have successfully worked with online for anxiety:

“Heather guided me through a very difficult time in my life. Through tailored sessions, she enabled me to find the root causes of my anxiety and helped me to get my life back on track. It was a fascinating journey because I learnt so much about myself and how to recognise and deal with anxious thoughts. Heather was patient, perceptive and incredibly supportive throughout. I can’t recommend Heather enough. I will be forever grateful to her.”

Contact me now for Online Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

You don’t have to wait; the power of therapy online is more accessible than ever before. By supporting yourself, you can support your future.

Do you feel curious to find out more? Whether you’d like hypnotherapy for fear, insomnia, addictions or anything else; just call me on 07761 586529 or email me directly on info@heatherhallhypnotherapy.co.uk and I can answer any questions you may have today.

Trained as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and in other complementary modalities. As well as online sessions, I have previously been seeing my clients face-to-face in my clinics based in Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted in Herts and Harley Street in London.

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